Popular free iphone apps 2017

Popular free iphone apps 2017

Published on: Jun-29-2017

A line of smartphones iphone is designed and developed by ‘Apple inc’. It runs IOS mobile operating system, user interface build IOS devices with multi touch screen including virtual keyboard and Wi-Fi. We can take pictures, send and receive texts and emails, follow GPS navigation, play music and many other features.

By this current year 2017, there are more than 2.2 million applications available in Apple's App Store for IOS devices. No one can deny apps are big business and these are main reason for the success of IOS. A list of free applications are available for users in IOS devices, for social networking, news, travel and weather, photography art and design music audio and video play and more.

Some free iphone apps are given below.


1Password is one of the best Password manager mange and developed by Agilebits Inc for windows, macOS, Android, and IOS devices. 1Password version 6.7.1 for IOS smart devices was release in almost a month ago 24 May, 2017.

1Password securely stores all of the important information and automatically sign in to your websites. It provides their users a place where they can store various passwords. User can save passwords and login to sites simply by single click.

Some feature of 1Password define here:

  • User all passwords and important information is secured behind their Master Password.
  • User can support Password lock, Dot lock and touch ID with Hide/reveal option.
  • For better file organization user can support Folders, Sub-folders and Categories for any folder to create records as fast as possible.
  • User can also support folder lock, password field lock and browser lock.
  • User can Backup/ Restore their data via iCloud, Dropbox, Wi-Fi and iTunes.



One of the famous web application Magisto is a video editor and movie maker mobile application. The founder of Magisto are Dr. Oren Boiman and Dr. Alex Rav-Acha. This video maker application automatically turns your pictures and videos into magical stories.

Magisto aims to solve the problem of video editing by letting the user edit their videos by click. It also guides their user to edit their videos with easy step by step instructions.

Some of the features of Magisto for their users are:

  • User can import their pictures/videos from their phone or google drive, select filter theme, and select a soundtrack.
  • User can also crop a video length or add a title to the video.
  • User have an option to share their videos on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Google+, Twitter, send by Email, and YouTube.
  • By Magisto user can make their videos clip with different channels and collections like wedding movies, baby movies, Instagram videos, selfie videos, and sport videos.
  • User can create longer video by adding 30 photos in per movie.


Photoshop Fix

A fotobearbeitungs-app Adobe Photoshop Fix is one of the photo editor application for both Android and iOS smart devices. Its latest version Fix 1.6 was release in November, 2016 for IOS smart phones and iPads.

Adobe Photoshop Fix enables more powerful and easy image retouching and restoration on your phone added more features than earlier photo editing apps. For instance, Heal, smooth, liquify, lighten and make other edits and adjustments that give your picture the precise look you're after.

Here some of the features of Photoshop Fix are:

  • User can take a portrait picture adjust facial features like jaw, eyes, nose, lips simply by using slider to increase or decrease the effect.
  • Red-eye is a common issue occurs by camera’s flash, user can avoid red-eye by using red-eye reduction feature.
  • User have an option to move and select object from the picture by using Content-Aware Move tool.
  • User can also remove unwanted objects or figures from the photos simply by using Content-Aware option with the Spot Healing Brush tool.
  • User can remove dampening effect have on their picture like Environment or atmospheric condition by using Auto Haze Removal feature.



Evernote is a freemium application developed by Evernote Corporation created and designed for note taking, organizing and archiving. Its new version 8.2 for iOS smart devices released few days ago on 10 April, 2017.

Evernote allow their users to create a “note” which can be in the form of formatted text, full webpage or webpage excerpt, a voice memo, a photograph, or a handwritten “ink” note. This application supports number of popular operating system including macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Microsoft windows, webOS, blackberry 10, and windows phone.

Here some points

  • A note can be anything as user want to be. User can create a note with variety of formats including text, sketches, photos, audio, video, PDFs, web clippings and more.
  • User can Sync everything automatically across any computer, phone or tablet.
  • User can also add a passcode for privacy on their systems.
  • User can create, share and discuss their work with others all in one app.
  • Evernote help their users in every field of life like in everyday life, in business, and in education.


Google Map

Google developed a mobile mapping apps for IOS smart devices. Apple's solution google map for its mapping service on IOS smart devices before the release of iPhone 6 in, 2012 replaced by Apple map. It was initially release in September, 2008 and stable release in March, 2017 for IOS devices.

Google map have many same features for Android and IOS including street view, turn by turn navigation, and public transit information. Benefits for users are:

  • User can catch their bus, train and ride-share at real time.
  • User can look around their destination before get there with all view accept streets and indoor imaginary.
  • Most important and useful benefit for users is that they can search and navigate without internet connection by offline maps.
  • It passes schedules and maps from over 1500 cities.
  • User can save their home or work address in google map so they will auto populate in faster searching.