Whatsapp announces Two- Steps Verification Feature

Whatsapp announces Two- Steps Verification Feature

Published on: Feb-10-2017

Whatsapp has announced an optional feature (Two-steps verification) for its user to add an extra security layer for whatsapp usage. The update is added for all platforms IOS, Android and Windows users. 

This is an optional feature and it’s up to user of whatsapp to enable this feature or not, for enabling this feature user needs to go to Settings > Account > Two-step verification > Enable.

To enable this two-steps verification feature you need to come up with six digits passcode. Make sure that these six digits are hard to guess for any other person but you should remember it by yourself or write it down somewhere so that you can find it in case you forget those six digits.

Don’t worry if you forget your passcode, your email address will help you to disable this feature. You need to add valid and working email address while adding passcode so that an email will be sent for disabling this feature in case you forget your passcode. 

Adding email address is an optional to this feature. Whatsapp will send you a link on email to disable this two-step verification in case you forget your six digit passcode. Whatspp does not verify email address so it is requested to provide your valid and working email address. If you do not provide valid email then you will never receive disable link in email and your whatsapp account will be locked out.

Important: If you receive an email to disable two-step verification, but did not requested this, do not click on the link. Someone could be attempting to verify your phone number on WhatsApp. 

Whatsapp has updated its FAQ as well regarding this feature.
Source: Whatsapp