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Pure Radiance Oil


A clarifying moisturizing oil that helps to balance oily and breakout-prone skin.

What it's good for
  • Breakouts
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Uneven skin tone and roughness
  • Anti-Aging
Full Size (1 fl oz | 30 ml)
Every 2 Months
Frequency Recommendation
We recommend the following replenishment cycle:
  • Usage
  • Frequency
  • Twice a day
  • Every 2 months
  • Once a day
  • Every 3 months
  • Just a few times a week
  • Every 4 months
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What it's good for
  • Breakouts
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Uneven skin tone and roughness
  • Anti-Aging
What it is
A clarifying moisturizing oil that helps address and prevent bothersome breakouts while minimizing the appearance of aging skin. This oil has everything your skin needs to look and feel clear, ... smooth, balanced, and hydrated. Naturally scented with sandalwood, helichrysum, and cypress to invigorate the senses. This oil is Hypoallergenic and Non-comedogenic.
"Magic in a bottle"
Karla S.

"I have never seen results like this before! Within a month of using these products, my face is almost completely clear, and the dark spots left from previous blemishes are almost non-visible!"

"Immediate results!"
Marii H.

"The difference is MAJOR. This product helped hydrate so well on my flaking skin, redness, and texture. I seriously look forward to getting out of bed in the morning and getting ready for bed at night because it means I get to bask in these sweet smells."

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  • Formulated to address breakouts (blemishes, pimples, etc..), problem prone skin and the appearance of skin aging, this glow-inducing face oil promotes a clear and hydrated complexion with some of nature's ... most potent antioxidants and omega-3 essential fatty acids. Hemp, pumpkin, and grape seed oils help to balance sebum and prevent pores from clogging. Algae extract and astaxanthin help to keep skin looking hydrated and plump.

I have been using Clear Pure Radiance Oil for a long time now and my acne has cleared up, which is great! Should I continue to use this oil or move to Renew?

Yes! Your consistently clear skin could be due to the Clear Pure Radiance Oil. If you’re still curious about our other face oils, try using the Renew or Calm Pure Radiance Oils at night before making the switch.

Is this oil pregnancy safe?

While all of our products are MADE SAFE® certified for the planet, people and animals, we do not recommend using this product while pregnant or breastfeeding. Always consult with your doctor if you have product/ingredient questions while pregnant.

Does this oil replace my moisturizer?

Yes! This award-winning oil has everything your skin needs to look and feel clear, smooth, balanced, and hydrated!

The products described on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease or to affect any structure or function of the skin or body. The information on this website is not medical advice and is not a substitute for consulting with a healthcare provider.
Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients

How to Use

  • Shape

    Apply 3-8 drops to moist skin followed by sunscreen.

  • Combined Shape

    Apply 3-8 drops followed by Clear Repair Nightly Treatment.

Olivia Wilde's Tip

“I use a combination of the Renew and the Clear. I use the Clear on [the part of my face where I regularly] break out. It makes sense — it’s antibacterial, in a really effective way.”

"For years I’ve searched for something that would clear up my skin and this oil does. I apply it every morning after cleansing. It absorbs so quickly, you can put makeup on right after."

-Olivia Wilde, Award-winning Filmmaker, Actor & Activist
True Botanicals
-Olivia Wilde, Award-winning Filmmaker, Actor & Activist

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